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Hello, It's Nice to Meet You!

In case you were curious about my life story, here we go...

     I'm Rylie! I was born in San Diego, California and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. My Mom was a professional hula dancer and special education teacher, and my Dad is an award winning woodworker and gallery furniture designer. I feel very blessed to have grown up, mostly barefoot, playing outside, with very little influence from the media, news, or screens in general. I didn't have a cell phone until I was 17, and I'm eternally grateful to be the last of a more analog generation. We never really even had cable!

     I played soccer for 7 years as a kid, was outside in the sunshine a lot, and lived a pretty healthy lifestyle since both of my parents were fairly health conscious. Interestingly however, since I have learned how allergic I am to gluten, looking back I realize that I actually suffered a lot of stomach problems as a kid, I would often eat large portions and feel unsatisfied but ill, and I slept heavily and often. When the awareness surrounding gluten-intolerance became more widespread, it was suddenly so clear to me what the problem was. I gave it up about 7 years ago and since then, I've easily kept off about ten pounds, am rarely sick, and definitely don't sleep for 12-15 hours!

I also have a pretty major dairy intolerance, so I avoid that as well. It can give me headaches, a sore throat, and basically takes out my immune system, so it's easier for me to get sick. It also makes my stomach hurt. :/

     People often ask how I exist with such limitations, but I'm one of the lucky ones, because I think people with nut allergies that require an epi-pen (like my best friend) have it worse, plus I know how to cook!

     I've dedicated years to trying all sorts of gluten and dairy free recipes, and I hope to start recording some how-to videos for YouTube soon so I can show you how I make things like mac & cheese, and stuffing with gravy! Eating healthy doesn't mean you just eat salads all the time. Salads are great, but there's more to life than lettuce.     (Me and my awesome Dad--->)


During that time period, when I was 21, I saved up for and planned a trip to Southeast Asia with a friend, but she was unable to go, so I just went on my own. It was challenging but beautiful. Life altering, really, and I feel like on that trip I really started to gain a bit more perspective about who I was, and could be, as a person.

     When I was 23, I decided that I wanted to move back to the Central Coast for a change of scenery, and because I missed my family, plus I wanted to save a bit of money to move to New York, and to travel again.

     I had also experienced a sort of epiphany regarding my health, and it was around this time I really started to dive into studying about nutrition and wellness. I read about every possible health subject I could.


      Anyways, allergies aside, after Hawaii, we moved back to California right before I entered high school, and I spent an entire summer reading in the AC and eating junk food from Circle K. Hormones hit me hard, and by my sophomore year I was a mess of depression and bad skin, and I weighed 181 pounds, which was clinically obese for my height.            When my school started testing students' blood sugar for an extra credit program, that's when I found out I was a low level Type 2 Diabetic! I was told to eat less sugar and lose some weight, and immediately put on Metformin for blood sugar control. That was about it for the health guidance! I gave up the obvious, soda and most junk food, and started cutting my portions. That helped me lose about ten pounds, but I was still having issues with my blood sugar, my weight, and depression (so I got put on Wellbutrin), and I continued to struggle throughout high school, weighing no less than 165 throughout.

     After high school I hung around Santa Barbara for a while and experimented with City College, but it wasn't for me, so I got a personal assistant job in Hollywood and moved to LA for about 3 months.I didn't love LA, so I moved to San Francisco where all my friends had gone. I lived there for 4 years, and it was an absolute blast, but I was pretty unhealthy, partied a lot, and even though I naturally lost quite a bit of weight because I worked and went out nonstop, I still wasn't healthy!


I read about raw food, green smoothies, vegan diets, the Mediterranean diet, read the China Study, registered with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to get my Personal Training Certification, and with a Naturopathic Institute to get my Certificate for Nutritional Consulting. I was eating about 70% raw, doing yoga, and ultimately was about the healthiest I've ever been. Things were going great!

     Then, right around this time I decided I had saved enough money to take off. I went on an amazing 4 week trip to 7 different Western European cities with my friend, and then flew directly to New York City to live. I worked at a craft beer bar in Midtown, lived in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and life was awesome. However, I completely fell off the Health wagon. It was New York City and I was eating and drinking everything! Let's just say, I loved NYC so much, and still do, but I ultimately ended up moving home because I missed my family too much, and living on the other side of the country was rough. I do hope to live in New York again at some point in my life.

     I moved home once more, and had a great time, bartending, being near my family, and even saved up for another amazing trip, with my sister. She came with me for 6 weeks, and we traveled to Morocco, Spain, Croatia, & Montenegro, and then I continued through Venice, Italy, a couple places in Greece, back through the Basque Country in Spain, and then to Portugal. It was again, life changing, as it is every time I am able to travel. I recommend traveling solo above all things for accelerating personal growth. 

     Since then I tried moving back to NYC, but the rent had doubled, so I've been back in California, in Sayulita, Mexico for my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, and Costa Rica to be a bridesmaid.

     For now, I have landed in Seattle, Washington, a place I am glad I came to, so I could meet my person (who had strangely, just moved here from Arizona).

So here I am now. Back on my track toward educating myself about the many facets of natural healing, holding my head up amidst the madness that 2020 has become, and through it all, taking everything I've learned over the years, and condensing it into a neat little package for you! I took the long road to health, both mental and physical, and it is a journey I am still on, to be sure. However, I have learned tons of valuable information along the way, and that is what I just can't wait to share with you, because I want you to take the shortcut! Feel free to contact me with any questions, and if you made it this far, you are a champion. I can't wait to hear from you.



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