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Just Start With Five Minutes...

Here's the thing about fitness...

Getting started is the hardest part. So what you sometimes have to do, when you're feeling unmotivated, in just put your exercise clothes on, and tell yourself, "I'll just do five minutes."

Turn on your favorite upbeat music, (I like Sean Paul...don't hate till you try it!), get your little body up, and just move!!!

Dance, do a few yoga stretches, grab a jump rope, hop on a machine, or pick up some free weights and start counting reps!

Chances are, you've got your workout clothes on now so you may as well, it will feel so good, you'll keep going for another 5, then 10, and before you know it, 30 minutes have gone by, and you just did a workout! Just keep pushing yourself for five more minutes, and see how long you can motivate!

Progress happens one step at a time. You need momentum, and you know what? 5 minutes of movement can jump start you out of inertia.

Move your body every day!

If you need some motivation and accountability, my 30 Day Program is on sale for only $299 (regularly $499!!!) for the rest of July!!! Go check out my programs now to register! Pick a date and time to begin, and I'll get in touch so you can start asap!!!

I will only be taking on a max of 10 new clients in order to provide quality service.

The program includes a 60 minute initial health consultation, one on one coaching, text accountability, daily meal plan ideas, grocery lists, recipes, and weekly video meetings to discuss your progress, recipe ideas, and more!

Feel free to message me with any questions, or just set up a 15 minute consultation, FOR FREE!!!

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