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Motivation is a Daily Practice

Does this ever happen to you?


You go to sleep feeling super motivated about the next day, but then wake up tired, lethargic, and completely unprepared to tackle that epic to do list you were so inspired to write the night before?

The morning workout.

The cleaning.

The homework.

The program you're creating.

The latest assignment.

Suddenly it all seems futile, especially lately.

The thing about motivation (and I've only recently figured this out) that you have to re-up on it constantly. Motivation is a daily practice. You can't just sit around hoping it will hit.


Try taking that super motivated nighttime list, and setting it by the bed.


Then, get up in the morning, wash your face, and make some tea (or coffee, let's be real) and pep yourself up a bit! Recall how you felt the night before, when you were inspired, and try to channel that. Maybe get up and move around a little bit, create a "morning spot" in your home, where you can sit with your coffee and collect your thoughts before the day begins.


Then, pick up your list, and just write the first one or two ACTION STEPS for each to do item.

For example:

"Organize Kitchen"

1. Do dishes.

2. Throw out old food.


"AM workout"

1. 10 minutes yoga

2. 25 squats


Creative Project A

1. Create Instagram Posts for next 3 Days

2. Check and respond to emails


You'll have a clear path to your starting point, and once you get up and accomplish those, you'll have the momentum you need.


Get yourself ready (even if you're staying home, it helps motivate!)

Put some music on, and just start.

Just don't sit down, and don't pick up your phone.

You know you can do it.

I know you can do it.

You're done reading, start doing.




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