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To Change Your Life, Alter Your Environment

PSA: Losing weight permanently is not just about eating salad & occasionally doing cardio!


I cannot stress this enough as I sit here planning out my new course material that I am so excited to share!

Changing your life for good requires a comprehensive approach, & what I mean by that is,

you need to look over all the parts of your life, & ask yourself...

"Am I actually happy with this?"

You may need to look at:

- Cleanliness in your home.

- Clutter in general.

- Expired products in the cabinet.

- A dirty fridge.

- An excess of chemicals.

- Your family history of health.

- Your friendships.

- Your daily activities., of course, your diet and activity levels!

These are all components of your life, that you may be holding onto, and therefore, parts of you!


You may realize you had more trauma than you thought surrounding eating.

You may realize that you have a couple of friends you (too) often overindulge with.

You may be totally unaware of how holding on to or avoiding throwing away a bunch of expired food, directly correlates with your fear of change!

Creating a wellness program involves so much more than handing over some recipes

& a basic exercise plan!

If you're just handing over money and getting nothing but these things,

I'm afraid your plan will be incomplete, may be full of holes, & is often prone to failure.


I have personally dealt with all of these issues, & I have an overwhelming desire to share my knowledge. This why I'm here, & why I am building this program for you!

I want to be right beside you, as we take apart these components, & then put your life back together in a way that serves you better, & creates an intuitive pathway to health.


So get up off the couch, or the floor, pause your scroll situation, & send me a message!

We can set up a free call asap, so you can finally start living an epic life.


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