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Revise, Revamp, Repeat: A 4-Week Roadmap

My signature program, now accepting clients for less than $7 a day!

  • 1 hour
  • $47 per week
  • Phone Call or Video Chat

Service Description

Revise Your Method. Revamp Your Environment. Repeat As Needed: Your 4-Week Plan to Taking Control of Your Life & Your Health. If you feel like you are ready to commit to changing your life, need a jumpstart, can't wait to start seeing results, or if you are looking to quickly heal a weight related health issue, this is the program for you. We'll begin with a fun, easy phone call to discuss the program. This is a 4-week program, but as a bonus, I also include a prep week, and a follow up week to increase success and sustainability, so you're getting 6 weeks of coaching for the price of 4!!! You'll learn about making delicious, nutrient dense meals, and you'll have a totally doable daily exercise plan, that will put you on the fast track to health. We'll also be addressing your habits & mindset as well as making sure you have all the tools you need to succeed. You'll be joining a private Facebook group, where I'll be posting mini-yoga sessions, strength training sessions, and other motivational videos, recipes, and ideas! This package includes recipes, daily meal ideas, and grocery lists. The one on one coaching option also includes one 45 minute personal training session per week, with the option to add additional workouts for a discounted rate. We will also do an end-of-week phone or video call to check in, and so that I can answer any questions and help you stay on track! You can even text me when you need more motivation!!! This program can be repeated as needed until the desired result is achieved. *Please note, that I do not advocate starvation or long term calorie deficits, and suggest you meet with your doctor prior to signing on to discuss any concerns. I do not claim to treat or cure any diseases, and as with any program, results are based on client's actions. I am not liable for any negative outcome or injury as a result of this program, and upon beginning, the client will sign a contract and a release form.

Cancelation Policy

The world is pretty crazy right now, so I'm a bit more flexible with rescheduling. There are no refunds for these programs, only more motivation! I promise to commit myself to you and your program, but results are entirely dependent on your actions! If something in particular is not working for you, we can have an open discussion about how to fix it! If you are suffering from a health issue, once paid, sessions can be postponed for 30 Days.

Contact Details


Seattle, Washington

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